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Spark Multipurpose Co-Operative Society Ltd.

Spark Multipurpose Co-Operative Society Ltd. Was established to increase of national economy and to reduce poverty, unemployment and create self service. It’s a Co-operative Society approved by the Government of Republic Bangladesh. It has many suitable deposit schemes such as ;
1.Daily Deposit Project(DD);
2.weekly deposit Project(WD);
3.Monthly Deposit Project(MD); and
4.Fixed Deposit (FD).
We are committed to distribute exact profit against all deposit schemes.



Spark Foundation

Not only we are not taking business a passageway of living but also we are enchanting as prayer. Besides the own livelihood we are enhancing it to develop nation and our land. SPARK FOUNDATION has taken Multi dimensional steps for humanity in order to achieve socio economic development, education, health and moral uplift. This foundation is run by the part of company profit, our contribution and other donation received from other organization.

Quality Work

We ensure quality without compromise.


Professionalism in all activities.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer's choice is our utmost priority.

About Us

Although our favourite mother land Bangladesh is a small country in the world’s map but it has an ultimate prosperity. Our country is comply with lot of natural resources, different biological events, and huge man power. It’s our dream to become a self-dependent, honorable person and sophisticate nation through trade and industrial advancement. To find out Halal profession mandatory to remain the status of best creation of the world and it is mainly into business. The pathway quit different here barriers like menace Hill. To overcome that obstacle need to take brave attempt “SPARK GROUP” is the comprehensive form of all these provisions.


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